Also known as Golden or Riikka

Finnish, 24, studies Business Information Technology in Hämeenlinna


Robin Hood, Archery, Fantasy, Dragons, Harry Potter, Web Designing, HTML & CSS, Music, Drawing, Dance Gaming, WoW, Assassin's Creed, Summer, Norse Mythology, Role Playing

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    bluesonare replied to your post: 274 hours in Skyrim and counting…

    Hun hun…it does count the time even if played on pirated version shh…

    o_O Even though I didn’t run it through Steam? If so, how is that even possible? XD

    Just imagine that when the real skyrim connected to steam (since it was needed to be connected in the first place) that the steam client read some old leftover files…either that or you really played so many nights…I mean isn’t that like over 2 months worth of game play? :D

    Approximately 11½ days. In that form it sounds a lot less absurd, doesn’t it?